Premature Ejaculation: Common Facts and Possible Ways to Treat It.

When men have uncontrolled ejaculation that happens shortly after or even before sexual penetration and with a minimal stimulation before they want, this means they suffer from PE.

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Premature Ejaculation.

Medical condition.

This medical condition causes a lot of emotional problems, such as anxiety, spoilt relationships, unsatisfactory sex and so on. Unfortunately, it’s one of the most common forms of sexual dysfunction that affects men of different ages. There is an opinion that all men are affected by premature ejaculation at some point of their lives.

Basic Reasons that Cause PE

This condition doesn’t have one clear cause that leads to its development. The good news is that men often learn how to delay their ejaculation with age and intimate experience. For example, this embarrassing problem may happen with new sexual partners, in specific situations, and if it’s been a long time since the last one. Don’t forget about many psychological factors that also result in having PE, such as depression, anxiety, guilt and others. Hormonal issues, specific injuries and adverse effects of taking certain pills may lead to the same problem too.

Types of Premature Ejaculation.

1. Acquired. If you didn’t notice its symptoms in the past, but now they are present, you should see your physician to diagnose if you have acquired PE. It can be caused by underlying physical issues, including hyperthyroidism, urological or erectile problems.
2. Lifelong. If you’ve experienced this medical condition all your life, you have this type of PE, but you still need to consult a qualified urologist to be properly diagnosed.
3. Variable. When men experience premature ejaculation only occasionally, they have this form, and it happens for different reasons, such as increased sexual excitement.
4. Subjective. Some male patients claim that they have PE because they think they must last longer, but they should remember that the normal time for ejaculation is 5-7 minutes after sexual penetration.

Symptoms of Premature Ejaculation.

• The most obvious one is your uncontrolled ejaculation shortly after or before you start a sexual intercourse.
• It happens with little or no sexual stimulation.
• Men have decreased sexual pleasure because of their poor ejaculation control.
• Feeling embarrassed, guilty and frustrated.

How to Diagnose This Condition Properly.

Once you notice PE symptoms, visit your doctor to discuss your sexual and overall medical history and diagnose premature ejaculation. You’ll have to go through a physical examination and do specific lab tests (neurological, prostate and others) to define if there is any other medical problem that may worsen your condition. You should be open and honest to provide your doctor with reliable and detailed information, because it’s important to treat premature ejaculation successfully.

Effective Ways to Prevent PE.

There are no 100% successful ways to prevent this male sexual dysfunction, but you should take into consideration the following: 1. Maintain your healthy attitude towards sexual contacts. Don’t feel awkward, guilty or embarrassed because it’s not your fault.
2. Get rid of bad habits, such as smoking and drinking alcohol.
3. Lead a healthy lifestyle, including consuming nutritional meals, doing exercises, etc.

How to Treat Premature Ejaculation.

This condition often passes on its own over time, so some men may not need any treatment to improve their sexual performance. However, if you are not as lucky as they are, try one of the following methods after consulting your doctor:
1. Behavioral techniques. This kind of therapy involves simple steps, such as masturbating for a few hours before a sexual intercourse to delay your ejaculation or avoiding it for a while and focusing on other intimate pleasures. Many men practice the pause-squeeze technique to last longer.
2. Topical anesthetics. They include a wide range of special anesthetic sprays, creams and gels that contain a particular numbing agent, such as prilocaine or lidocaine. You need to apply them to your penis before having sex to decrease its sensation and delay ejaculation. These products are also called penis or genital desensitizers. Promescent is one of the most popular anesthetic sprays nowadays, and it’s approved by FDA. Keep in mind that they are well-tolerated and effective, but they come with potential adverse effects, just like all medications. Some male patients may report allergic reactions, decreased sexual pleasure or temporary loss of penile sensitivity.
3. Condoms with benzocaine. The results of their use to delay ejaculation may vary, and they can help you last longer because they have their active component, benzocaine, in the tip, which causes a numbing effect. But men can still enjoy their sexual intercourse while wearing them!
4. Oral meds. If you suffer from PE, find out more about medications that can help you delay ejaculation. Most of them are approved by FDA to treat this sexual dysfunction, but some of them are used for different purposes and include analgesics and antidepressants. Talk to your doctor who can prescribe them either for daily use or on-demand, alone or with other PE treatments.
• Antidepressants. It’s interesting that a delayed orgasm is the adverse effect of some of them, and that’s why SSRIs, such as Paxil, Zoloft and others, are used to treat premature ejaculation. If they don’t help you last longer, your physician may prescribe you Anafranil or other tricyclic antidepressants.
• Analgesics. Such medications as Tramadol are used by people to relieve pain, but they also can help men delay their ejaculation, and that’s why they are prescribed when SSRIs are ineffective.
• PHD-5 inhibitors. This category of meds is the most popular among male patients because it’s designed to treat erectile dysfunction. The most popular ones include Levitra, Viagra, Cialis and others that proved to have positive effects.
• Dapoxetine and Priligy. Dapoxetine is #1 treatment used to eliminate premature ejaculation, and it’s a SSRI designed for this purpose. The only small downside is that men need to take it on a daily basis to see the desired effects. Priligy is the brand name of this drug, and the best part is that it can be taken occasionally, only 30 minutes before a sexual intercourse.
5. Counseling. Many couples call this approach to treating premature ejaculation a talk therapy, and it involves talking to a licensed mental health provider and discussing relationships, personal experiences and current sexual problems. This method can help you get rid of your sexual performance anxiety and become equipped with more effective ways to cope with regular stress. However, you still need to combine it with taking special pills to achieve positive results and start lasting longer.

Common Myths about Premature Ejaculation.

PE is a complex matter that is still not well-understood, so it’s no wonder there are many myths and misconceptions about it and its possible treatments, but they are not backed up with any scientific proof. Make sure you don’t believe any of them:
1. Only young men suffer from premature ejaculation. It’s one of the most widespread misconceptions, because this medical condition affects men of all ages.
2. PE causes are only psychological. If you have the same idea in your mind, you should get more information about the latest medical studies and researches that prove that this sexual dysfunction can be caused by different factors. The most common ones include higher penis sensitivity and reduced levels of serotonin in the brain, and that’s why SSRIs, such as Dapoxetine and Priligy, are so effective when it comes to treating premature ejaculation.
3. Circumcised men have lower PE rates. There is a widespread opinion that circumcised men have a benefit because their penile tissues have decreased sensitivity because of constant exposing and rubbing, and this is what reducing their chances of developing and suffering from premature ejaculation. But those countries where this tradition is common don’t have higher rates compared to others, and this is what proves that it’s only a misconception. It’s worth mentioning that circumcision is beneficial in terms of male genital hygiene, but it won’t help you last longer or improve your sexual pleasure.